Welcome to the DEMOS Project

The Master Degree in Democratic Governance and Human Rights “DEMOS” Project innovative character lies on the fact that it aims to create a new Master Degree in a specialized academic field giving attention to acquiring practical operational skills. In addition, it will make available an interactive and flexible e-learning program, tailored-made to the specific needs of the partner countries.
Moreover, the project aims to address the absence of curricula that will generate postgraduate professionals highly skilled in democratic and human-rights based culture and knowledge. As a result, they will be ready to meet the challenges of institution building in their nation, having a long-lasting impact in the democratic transformation of their environment.


Work Packages

The project has several work packages that aim to achievement of the proposed actions.

  1. Work Package 1: Needs Analysis (WP Leader: Utrecht University)
  2. Work Package 2: Curriculum Development and Infrastructure (WP Leader: University of Alicante)
  3. Work Package 3: Capacity Building Activities (WP Leader: Utrecht University)
  4. Work Package 4: Delivery of the Master Programme and Capacity Building Programmes (WP Leader: University of Carthage)
  5. Work Package 5: Quality Assurance & Monitoring (WP Leader: Cadi Ayyad University)
  6. Work Package 6: Dissemination and Exploitation (WP Leader: Lebanese University)
  7. Work Package 7: Management & Coordination (WP Leader: Moulay Ismail University)

Latest News

DEMOS Project Starts!

The DEMOS project’s activities were launched at the partnership ki