Master thesis and internship program

The master thesis represents an independent work develop by the student about a topic related with the master's program. During the development of the work, students will have the opportunity to put into practice research tools and skills such as: acquire the basic tools and skills to be able to perform with solvency the following tasks:


  • Accessing, handling and managing databases and bibliographic material.
  • Structuring and writing an original academic research work (academicresearcher orientation).
  • Presenting the results of the research work or practical project.


Furthermore, the DEMOS Master is designed to create sustainable links between the university and the labor market to address the lack of capacity among governmental and non-governmental actors by establishing partnerships between higher education institutions and civil society organizations and by improving the employability of qualified young people in public institutions, NGOs and political parties.

Therefore, one of the aim of DEMOS project is to generate and reinforce contacts between partner institutions and civil-society organizations, agreements for internship programs and collaboration for research and data collection that students can use in the preparation of their master thesis. Each university will create its own network with possibilities of interaction and establishment of a regional network and integrating the possibility of internship in other countries. Therefore, students will have the opportunity to participate in at least one-month internship program.


Modules of the Master's Degree "Governance and Human Rights"


1) International human rights protection system

2) International Law and Human Rights

3) Jurisdictional and non-jurisdictional protection of Human Rights

4) Introduction to Human Rights

5) National Human Rights Governance and Practice

6) Foreign languages and culture

7) Evaluation of public policies

8) Minorities, gender and law

9) Foreign languages (French/English) and culture

10) Information society and legal intelligence

11) Soft Skills

12) Social responsibility of non-state actors

13) Leadership, Entrepreneurship & Employability

14) Research methodology

15) Migration and mobility in the Mediterranean

16) Environmental and socio-economic rights

17) Foreign Languages (French/English) and Culture

18) Media, Communication and Reporting